06 juin 2008

Program 2008

Dear Drummers, friends of drumming  - friends,

You are invited to join our yearly "Drumming on the Beach" event organized by the Afro-Percussion Club of the EPO. The Music Cafe- Beach restaurant "de Fuut" provides food and drinks - we provide miniworkshops for kids, beginners , presentation of the two active courses, Jam sessions , Afro disco AND: 
Djallya - a formation from Brussels (the African music centre per se) with top players from the traditional djembe world (plus dancers and balafon players).

I hope to see you there

tak tu tak

warm greetings from Andre Mucs (djembe teacher at EPO)


Forward program

19:00 opening
19:15 miniworkshop
19:45 first presentation of the courses
20:00 second presentation of courses
20:15 jam sessions/workshop
21:00 djallya
21:45 break
22:15 djallya
23:... open end


Aminata Bangoura : Dancer from Guinea (Conakry) (Ballet de Matam, Ballet Soukharata)
Seydina Djiba: Dancer from the National Ballet of Senegal

Julien Burette (Belgie, Frankrijk)
Martin Chemin (Belgie)
Geoffrey Desmet (Belgie)
Maxime Hadji (Belgie)
N'faly Kouyaté: Balafon-Kora player and singer van Guinea
Cyrille Peltre "Djeli Sarama" (Belgie)

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